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10 Years & Counting

I have approximately 10 years of experience providing both clinical supervision and case consultation to psychotherapists to support professional development and competence in what is an extremely rewarding and challenging career!  Whether you are a newly graduated masters social work student, and are in need of supervision towards clinical licensure or you are a more experienced clinician who desires case consultation, I am available to meet with you and assist you to develop your identity as a therapist, as well as identify your areas of strength and vulnerability as a therapist. 

What I believe

I strongly believe in the value of ongoing case consultation as a way to continually improve technique, style, and maintain your reflective stance and self-awareness as a therapist.  I continue to meet for case consultation with my mentor as well as in several groups of other therapists, and have found this crucial for maintaining my energy and sense of direction in my work.


My style as a consultant is to create an environment of emotional safety where the consultee can feel free to bring in areas of concern; process fuzzy or grey clinical decisions, and self-of-the-therapist issues; and bring into focus their beliefs about clinical theory and their sense of a theoretical orientation.


Please see the FAQ section for more information.


Contact me at if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.

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