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Def Jam Poetry - Daniel Beaty, "Knock, Knock"

I adore this poem and Daniel Beaty’s heartfelt delivery of it. It speaks to the importance of not only the physical presence of a parent, but also having a parent that is emotionally present and available. Healing the wounds of our childhoods is a frequent focus of psychotherapy. Far from a “blame game” of pointing fingers at parents or other caregivers in our past, part of healing is about reflecting on the circumstances of this phase in our lives and the vulnerabilities present in our caregivers and how those vulnerabilities impacted us. Exploring these issues, can help us figure out what we need as adults to build our resilience to life’s challenges, and to create the kinds of relationships that we want. Just one of the many things to examine in psychotherapy, though from my experience, also one of the more challenging. I hope this video will inspire courage to understand yourselves and your needs in a deeper way! Enjoy!

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