May 2, 2016

Last week a colleague sent me a link to a blog called “Must Be This Tall to Ride” It’s written by a man whose wife divorced him to his great surprise. The blog is about all the relationship lessons and things about himself he has lear...

March 22, 2016

Over the summer, I discovered the album, Carrie and Lowell, the latest recording of artist, Sufjan Stevens. I really love the entire album – all the songs are beautiful and calming, but then I learned more of the background story of Sufjan Stevens and the inspiration f...

January 20, 2016

One thing that happened in 2015 is my beloved iPod (the classic) was stolen after someone broke into my car. (Lesson learned – never leave anything of value in your car!) After this, I had one of my first, and I know it won’t be my last, “old person” moments where I le...

October 10, 2015

One of the wonderful things about my job as a psychotherapist is that I learn from my clients all the time and they are always inspiring me and sharing great ideas for coping and resilience. This past week a client was talking about some ideas for fostering self-compas...

June 30, 2015

I just watched the movie Beaches starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey for the first time in a decade!  If you’ve never seen it, its probably one of the sweetest and most sad films made about long-term friendship ever made, but so poignant and a beautiful example o...

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August 17, 2017

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